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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in DeBary

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in DeBary, FL: What It Is, Results, and More!

No more hair down there, really? While some are shocked by the idea of it, many have embraced Brazilian laser hair removal in DeBary, FL. After you read this quick guide, you’ll be ready to too!

What Exactly Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal (LHR)? 

It is essentially the removal of hair in the pubic region. What many don’t realize is it’s a customizable treatment. If you are not comfortable with having all your hair removed, you can choose to leave a stripe of hair, a triangle, a specific design, or some other pattern of growth. 

How Will My Provider Know How I Wish to Look?

Before your appointment for Brazilian laser hair removal in DeBary, FL you need to shave the area to look as you want it. Only the areas you shaved are treated. 

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in DeBary, FL Better Than Waxing and Shaving?

It is certainly a more permanent option, and you no longer have to worry about painful ingrown hairs or razor bumps. For those reasons, most people prefer LHR over other hair removal methods. 

So, How Long Do Results Last?

It is important to remember that it takes multiple sessions for an optimal outcome, usually two to six. Once you have completed your full treatment plan, you can expect to enjoy your results for months or even years!

What About Pain?

It is normal to be concerned about treatment in such a sensitive area. However, as long as you follow all instructions on how to prepare, and a topical numbing cream is applied to your skin beforehand, you should be comfortable. 

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