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Plated Skin Science

Breakthrough Science. Beautiful Results.

Plated Skin Science is the first and only topical skincare product harnessing the power of platelet-derived exosomes.

(plated) Skin Science’s key proprietary ingredient, Renewosomes™, contains trillions of these hard-working exosomes, extracted from human platelets purchased from FDA-compliant platelet banks. Rion Aesthetics’ studies show that while every cell in your body produces exosomes, only platelet-generated exosomes signal soft tissue renewal. From these “renewing” effect exosomes, the key Renewosomes™ are extracted.

From the cellular level, new collagen is stimulated, decreasing redness and wrinkles and:

  • Building firmer skin
  • Improving luminosity, skin tone, and texture
  • Shrinking pore size
  • Targeting free radicals and environmental influences which can trigger cellular aging
  • Calming the skin
  • Reducing dark spots and broken capillaries

Relax ~ Rejuvenate ~ Renew

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