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Can Botox Cause Cancer? 

Can Botox Cause Cancer? 

Throughout the years, Botox has grown in popularity as an easy, effective way to help reduce the signs of aging.

Despite its popularity, many people question the overall safety of the treatment and wonder what lasting side effects it may have.

One of the major concerns and frequently asked questions we hear is, “Can Botox cause cancer?” Here’s what you need to know about any link between the two.

Can Botox Cause Cancer?

As of now, there is zero evidence linking Botox to any type of cancer, and studies indicate that this neurotoxin is not a carcinogen. Most serious issues or side effects are caused by other underlying health complications of the person being treated and aren’t linked to the Botox itself.

This doesn’t mean the popular injectable is without any risks or side effects however, though there are few long-term health risks.

And you can rest assured that the majority of side effects are minor and typically subside within the first few days after treatment. Some of the most commonly reported adverse effects include:

  • Reddening of the skin around the treatment area
  • Minor bruising near the injection site
  • Minor to moderate swelling
  • Tenderness and / or pain near the injection site
  • Minor skin discoloration

If you experience any major complications or side effects that don’t begin to improve after the first few days of treatment, then contact your injector right away or seek emergency care, as these could be signs of more serious issues.

As always, be sure to follow all post-injection instructions and aftercare that your doctor provides you.

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