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Baby Botox Cost in DeBary Florida

How Much Does Baby Botox Cost in DeBary, Florida?

Price is often a consideration when planning cosmetic procedures. If this is your first time with injectables such as Botox, you might want to start slowly at first which can save money. Here, you can learn about the baby Botox cost in DeBary, Florida and the amazing results you can expect!

What Exactly Is Baby Botox?

No, it’s not Botox for babies!

It’s a specific technique with regular Botox. The most significant difference between regular Botox and baby Botox is the dosage and injection sites.

While the procedure is the same, baby Botox is injected in microdoses. It may also take fewer depending on your facial muscle strength and their positions. In addition, full-dose Botox typically requires 30 to 50 units, and baby Botox usually requires 20 to 30 units. 

Results are subtle and typically last two to three months. 

How Much Does Baby Botox Cost in DeBary, Florida?

Factors including the expertise of the provider and the number of units you need to achieve your aesthetic goals. The following is a guideline of the cost per treatment area, but you can get a customized quote from your injector: 

  • Lips: $100
  • Crow’s feet: $200
  • Forehead wrinkles: $200
  • Frown lines between brows: $200
  • Jaw area: $200
  • Neck: $200

Is This the Best Option for Me?

During a consultation, you can get the exact baby Botox cost in DeBary, Florida. But, the main purpose of this initial appointment is to ensure your safety through a medical evaluation and to work with your provider to create a customized treatment plan. 

Make Ageless U Med Spa Your Partner for Healthy, Youthful Skin!

We understand treatments are never one size fits all. The need for a personal assessment is paramount to achieving fantastic results.

If you have mild signs of aging or are interested in preventative measures to prevent lines and wrinkles, baby Botox might be the solution you need. 

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