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PRP for Hair in Orlando or PRF: Which Is Better?

PRP for Hair in Orlando or PRF: Which Is Better?

It’s normal to shed 100 to 150 hairs a day, but beyond that, it may lead to a receding hairline or balding.

If you are eager to find a hair restoration solution, you may be curious to know if PRP for hair in Orlando is the best treatment or whether you should try PRF instead. Get the facts here!

The Difference Between PRF and PRP for Hair in Orlando

Before we compare, let’s take a look at what the acronyms mean.  PRP refers to platelet rich plasma and PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin. 

Both blood components occur in the body naturally. They each contain important growth factors and proteins that encourage cell renewal and healing. 

So, what’s the difference? Platelet rich fibrin contains stem cells that platelet rich plasma does not. This means there is potential for more hair growth that is healthier, stronger, and thicker. 

PRF alone can yield incredible results, but when combined with an FDA-approved cellular regeneration product called ACell, many patients find this to be a more effective treatment. Results become visible within three weeks and can last years!

Is the Procedure Painful?

Rest assured your provider will take great care to minimize any discomfort. 

The blood draw to obtain platelet rich fibrin feels just as it does in your primary care provider’s office. Before treatment injections begin, a local anesthetic is used to maximize your comfort.

Is PRF With A Cell Right for Me?

Now that you know platelet rich fibrin may be a better option than PRP for hair in Orlando, it is time to schedule a hair loss consultation with a reputable provider.

Once you have had a medical evaluation and they have examined the extent of your hair loss, they can make a personalized recommendation regarding treatment.

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