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Can I Do Botox If I’m Pregnant

Can I Do Botox If I’m Pregnant, or Should I Wait?

If your pregnancy test was positive, you likely have a million questions running through your mind. What’s my due date? What foods should I avoid? What lifestyle changes do I need to make? Can I do Botox if I’m pregnant? This can be quite an uncertain time, especially if this is your first pregnancy! 

After you schedule your first prenatal visit and some of the racing thoughts start to calm down, you can start to find some info online to get answers. Here’s the scoop on whether or not you can get Botox for crow’s feet or other dynamic wrinkles while expecting.

Can I Do Botox if I’m Pregnant?

The truth is that little is known about the effects of Botox injections on the fetus of a pregnant woman. This is because no sufficient studies have been done to determine the risks to a growing baby on women who have had Botox and know they’re expecting.

The FDA has labeled Botox as a Category C drug, which means that risks can’t be ruled out during pregnancy and that women should weigh potential threats and benefits for themselves.

Essentially, Botox while pregnant is a decision to make after speaking with your prenatal care provider and Botox specialist to make sure the benefits outweigh any risks. If not, you should wait. But, you may get the green light from professionals and choose to get the ‘tox.

You do still have options to help keep your skin in peak condition until you’re ready to resume (or altogether start) Botox injections if you want to wait until you’re no longer expecting. You can treat yourself to a number of services including certain facials and some superficial chemical peels.

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